A downloadable game for Windows

Triangulate is a virtual reality art program that enables users to fill their space with colorful triangles by pinching them out of the air using their hands with Leap Motion. After a triangle is selected (by tapping a triangle with the index finger of either hand or placing a new one by pinching somewhere), users can pinch an individual vertex and drag/release it anywhere in space to place it there. Since all shapes in 3D can be represented with triangles, any 3D surface/shape is possible to depict using this tool.

A colorpicker sits off to the left for coloring the selected triangle, and vertices snap to fixed points in space when the grid is activated. Users tap triangles they wish to manipulate with their index finger of either hand.

A Hovercast menu (https://github.com/aestheticinteractive/Hover-VR-I...) on the left hand palm is used for selecting settings.

This program supports Leap Motion Orion and Oculus Rift CV1. If you have that hardware and like this project, Graffiti 3D (http://graffiti3d.net) and Superstruct (http://superstruct.net) are my other VR projects that you'd probably like.

Install instructions

Download the latest Triangulate.zip file and unzip somewhere convenient. Run Triangulate.exe and put on your Rift. In order to use passthrough mode, make sure "allow images" is selected in your Leap Motion driver, and to use this on the Rift CV1 make sure "Unknown Sources" is checked in your Oculus runtime before running it.


Triangulate_0.5.zip 11 MB


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In the itch.io app there's no download button.

Thanks for the heads up, I have no idea why that'd be.

It's something fairly easy to fix as other devs I've notified of the same problem fixed it instantly. I think it's something to do with the metadata regarding compatibility you set when you upload it to itch.

I see, is the issue still occurring? When I edited the game I saw some new options that weren't there a year ago when I uploaded this (I checked a box indicating that it's compatible with windows).

Seems OK now.

Hey I was wondering if you could make a version for the vive

I think you might be able to make it work with Re:vive. I don't own a Vive so I can't personally test it but if you do please let me know if you run into any issues.

I have tried Re:vive/Revive with all three of your games and it hasn't worked... maybe you could use riftcat/vridge and use a phone as a vive to test it but I don't know. thanks for replying!

Ah sorry to hear that. I'm not sure what the issue is but I'll look into it - thanks for letting me know!